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             Dog Sledding at the Stillman Ranch, with Rocky Mountan Dog Sledding

 Dog sled rides are back for another year! Take an hour long tour through the scenic trails of the Uinta mountains, just outside of Park City, Utah on our private 9,000 acre ranch. This season we have brought in Alaskan mushers and expert guides Greg Sellentin and Miriam Osredkar with their Alaskan and Polar Husky Dogs. Veterans of the Alaskan and Worldwide mushing scene, Greg owns and publishes the international Mushing Magazine, and has been training his sled dogs for over 20 years. Miriam has recently qualified to run the world’s longest sled dog race - The Iditarod, and has just returned from an expedition and race in the far reaches of Siberia. Their passion for their dogs and their stories of the Alaskan trails and expeditions are not to be missed. They provide "forever" homes for many rescued sled dogs. Book your adventure with the whole family now. The dogs don’t wait too patiently! RESERVE MY DOG SLED ADVENTURE NOW!


Here is what our guests this season have had to say:

Such a pleasure to meet you and Greg. My grandson's enjoyed it immensely. Dakota and Elliott can't stop talking about it.
Miriam, best wishes for your upcoming expedition (praying for snow).
All the best,
Betsey R.

Dear Greg and Miriam,

We met you last Sunday in the beautiful Utah forest.  My husband, Jason and I, had our 2 little girl’s with us.  I wanted to let you know that I am still spellbound at what a cool experience that was for me.  (I wish I had done this year’s ago when I was single.  Maybe I would have been a part time Musher.  Ha.)  I am in awe of the beauty, spirit and fortitude the dogs possess. They are heaven sent. Loved every minute of the ride and if my little girl had not been sitting in my lap, I would have begged to go much faster. I can’t stop thinking and talking about the experience to friends and family. I have some great pictures and that video you took on my phone.  

Thanks again,
Allesandra B.

They were fantastic, friendly people to work with and very flexible in creating an experience that fits your party and budget. The trails are truly remote making the whole experience feel very authentic versus a ride at a resort.

My underage son got to drive the snowmobile and my daughter got to be a musher and drive the dog sled. They are willing to let you do a lot and teach you a lot about what they do and the wilderness around you.

"worldclassskiier, from Trip Advisor"


The operators/mushers of the dog-sledding experience at Rocky Mountain Recreation are terrific. The dog-sledding is run by two world-class and highly experienced mushers, Greg and Miriam. They are friendly, incredibly informative, and skilled. My husband are I were in a two-person sled, steered by a musher on the back, and pulled by a dozen dogs. It was great.

Eileen S. from Trip Advisor




            Dog Sledding Prices                                                                        Rates

1st Sled                     
2nd Sled
1st Sled   (Holiday Rates)* $395.00*
2nd Sled  (Holiday Rates)*

Transportation available...$50.00 (1-2 Persons).... $100.00 Max per family

(If booked with snowmobile tour or sleigh dinner for same day, transportation charge waived.)

*Holiday Season  (Friday, Dec 19, 2014 thru Sunday Jan 4, 2015)


* 400 lb. maximum weight limit per sled

* Prices do not include taxes and gratuity

* Must call in for Reservations

Credit card # required at time of booking, with a 48 hr. cancellation policy and complete charge for “No Show”




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