Kayaking in the Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado is a world of extremes. Here you can soak up the sun and enjoy the snow, all during one visit. Visitors can expect sensory delights around every corner. Outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, and kayaking are among the few reasons why tourists are continuously attracted to this spot. Nature here offers intoxicating nourishment to the soul, and visitors can’t help but be swept away by its beauty and grandeur. Here are some of the beautiful places in the Rocky Mountains to go kayaking with friends and family:

Eleven Mile Reservoir:

Eleven Mile Reservoir is one of the largest reservoirs in the Colorado area and is the perfect spot for Kayaking activities. The reservoir is known for being quite windy in the afternoons, perfect for some adventurous kayaking. If you want to observe spectacular rock formations along the shoreline, this is the perfect spot for you. In addition to kayaking, several other activities such as Ice Skating, Fishing, Camping, Biking, and Hiking are also possible in the area. The spot is not crowded despite its popularity, owing to its large open space.

Bear Creek Lake:

This picturesque spot, located in Bear Creek Lake Park, is the go-to location for flatwater kayaking near Denver. It is the largest of the three lakes – Bear Creek Lake, Big Soda Lake, and Little Soda Lake- located in the park. Visitors can also engage in activities such as Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Windsurfing, Horseback Riding, and Picnicking. The park also offers a swimming beach for visitors. Experienced kayakers can easily explore this location and take in the beautiful scenery in just one day.

Rifle Gap Reservoir:

Rifle Gap Reservoir

The pristine translucent waters of the Rifle Gap Reservoir offer one of the best spots for kayaking activities in Colorado. Other water activities such as Swimming, Water skiing, and Boating are also popular in the area, but Kayaking is the best way to explore this narrow reservoir. Visitors can also enjoy fishing and camping. After-hours spent in this park is special as you can also enjoy star watching all night, owing to the high elevation of the location.

Colorado River:

The turquoise blue waters of the Colorado River are quite a sight to witness. It is one of the longest rivers in the US, running through seven states. The Colorado River is one of the coveted locations to Kayak as it offers different formations such as caves and canyons through which visitors can kayak. The Colorado River is divided into Upper and Lower Basins, and it is to be noted that most parts of the river are only suited for skilled or intermediate Kayakers.

Harvey Gap:

Harvey Gap, located in the Harvey Gap State Park, is relatively smaller and less crowded than other locations, which means that the spot will be peaceful and secluded to enjoy a fun time with friends or family. The weather condition of the Harvey Gap is ideal for visitors with all skill levels. Harvey Gap is a day spot; however, visitors can go overnight camping in the nearby Rifle Gap State Park.

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