Family Activities in Rocky Mountain National Park

Traveling with children can be quite challenging, especially if that location is somewhere in nature. The constant need for snacks, water, bathroom breaks, or fighting with siblings can make the journey especially stressful for the parents. However, if you are among one of the new generations of parents that don’t want to raise an iPad kid, Rocky Mountain National Park is the perfect place. The curated outdoor activities in scenic locations of the Rockies are sure to keep your child engaged. Here are some of the best family-friendly activities of the Rocky Mountain National Park:



Hiking is one of the best ways to explore Rocky Mountain Park with your kids. With its scenic views, the Rockies are a perfect playground for kids to explore. Some of the kid-friendly trails in the Park include Emerald Lake Trail, Dream Lake Trail, Alberta Falls Trail, Bear Lake Nature Trail, Lake Haiyaha Trail, Sprague Lake Trail, Adams Fall Trail, and Nymph Lake Trail. It is important to note that dogs and other pets are prohibited at all hiking trails in the Rocky National Park.


Camping under the stars while enjoying some family story time is an excellent way to spend time with the kids. While traveling with kids, it is always best to reserve your camping spots beforehand. Some of the best kid-friendly camping sites in the area are Timber Creek Campground, Moraine Park Campground, Aspenglen Campground, and Glacier Basin Campground. You can also join special evening programs organized by the rangers for some story time.

Horseback Riding:

Hopping on for a slow horseback ride is one of the best ways to soak up the scenic views of Rocky National Park. This activity is particularly enjoyable for the children as they don’t get tired from walking around. This activity is suitable even for children as young as two years old. Some of the best horseback riding tours are offered by Moraine Park Stables, High Country Stables, and Meeker Park Stables.


Fishing is one of the top activities to sit with your thoughts and relax. Teaching your kids to fish will help them to anchor themselves to the present moment, a forte quite necessary for today’s generation. Visitors who are older than 16 require a fishing license for this recreational activity in this area, but kids younger than 16 can fish with a licensed adult. Some of the best kid-friendly fishing spots are Lily Lake, Loch Vale, Bear Creek Lake, and Fern Lake.



Children are especially attracted to snowy areas. Visit Hidden Valley Resort for a memorable experience with your children, where they can develop a passion for snowboarding and skiing. The gentle hills of Hidden Valley offer a perfectly safe haven for your children to enjoy snow activities. Other kid-friendly ski resorts in the area include Crested Butte Resort, Beaver Creek Resort, Keystone Resort, and Winter Park Resort.